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Browse your Google+/Picasa Web albums and select images or whole albums to insert into your posts/pages. This is an unofficial
fork of Picasa Express 2.

The fork has been necessary because the authentication for private photo albums of “Picasa and Google Plus Express” has been broken since
April 2015 due to changes to the authentication protocol. This is the first release after a major change to the code. Please
be so kind and test this version before putting it into production.

This fork supports OAUTH authentication with Google, so you can access private photos and albums again! Currently this only works on a blog-wide mode (Google+ Express access level: blog). I am working on a solution for a per user authentication.

Upgrade notice:
* The plugin requires at least PHP 5.4. Using a version before PHP 5.4 leads to parse errors.
* If you have shortcodes for single images that have been generated using a prior version of “Photo Express for Google” (0.1) or “Picasa and Google Plus Express” (all versions), you’ll have to update them to make photoswipe work correctly. Please have a look into the FAQ.
* The prefix for all CSS classes has changed from “pe2” to “peg”. Please consider this when upgrading from “Picasa and Google Plus Express”.
* The function to store authentication data on a user basis has been removed. The use case for storing it on a per user basis was not clear. If you rely on this function, please post a feature request with your particular use case.


  • Use your Google user to access your photos and albums
  • Private album access after granting access via Google auth service
  • Select albums / images from GUI listing by album cover and name
  • Mobile gallery display support with PhotoSwipe
  • Google+ style phototile gallery display or standard gallery utilizing native WordPress image thumbnail size
  • Create a gallery of a subset of photos from an album by filtering the album with tags
  • Gallery and image shortcodes for display of entire album or selected images
  • WordPress MU support – sitewide activation, users, roles

Additional settings:

  • Image link:
    • Mobile gallery with PhotoSwipe – in desktop browsers PhotoSwipe is clean and works nicely. On a mobile device, swiping between photos is supported
    • Custom thickbox with plugin – including keyboard navigation and Google+ view link
    • WordPress thickbox – using the integrated thickbox provided by WordPress
    • 3rd-party thickbox – setup the thickbox class/rel, but rely on external library
    • 3rd-party lightbox – setup the lightbox class/rel, but rely on an external library
    • 3rd-party highslide – setup the highslide class/rel, but rely on an external library
    • Google+ image page – a direct link to the Google+ image page for the photo
    • direct – a direct link to the large photo
    • none – just the image thumbnails are displayed with no link
  • CSS / style customizations for most tags created in galleries, photos & captions
  • Caption under image and/or in image/link title and gallery display
  • Alignment for images and gallery using standard CSS classes
  • Define Roles who are allowed to use the plugin
  • Switch from blog to user level for storing the user and private access token
  • Settings for single-image thumbnail size, single-video thumbnail size and large image size limit
  • Forcing SSL connection to the Google photo APIs
  • Optional caching of the Google photo API results

And by design:

  • Shortcodes inserted for both albums and photos in anticipation of changes forthcoming in Picasaweb to Google+ migration.
  • Support native WordPress image and link dialog for album image thumbnail size
  • Support native WordPress gallery captions
  • Multilanguage support

Old changelog of Picasa Express 2


  • Corrects a bug introduced in 2.2.7 regarding per-post options on thumbnail size setting


  • Corrects an undefined variable


  • Corrects a bug with non-proportional image thumbnail sizes
  • Corrects a bug with images displayed without a caption when captions are enabled, the alignment was not being properly assigned


  • Added an option to allow single image/video thumbnails to be configured non-proportionally
  • Added the configuration option for PhotoSwipe to prevent upscaling of images


  • Added a browser check for Photoswipe to switch to Thickbox if the client is using any version of IE, as the current version of Photoswipe has a bug in all versions of IE.
  • Standardized the image links in Thickbox-Custom to match those of Photoswipe.


  • Attempted a fix suggested by Google to show all tag search results correctly.
  • Corrected the use of the pe2_img_css and style options when displaying an album.


Bugfix for image thumbnail size that was introduced in new posts created after
installing version 2.2.3.


  • Removed the “Video overlay” option and replaced with Google+’s native “play overlay” for videos
  • Bugfix: A PHP warning was being generated when a gallery shortcode was wrapped around individual images.
  • Bugfix: Removed the need for the alignX classes being added to the image when captions are being displayed below the image. This was causing issues with certain themes, and is no longer necessary since the “Video overlay” is built into the thumbnail image.
  • Bugfix: Changes to the js include method for thickbox used by the dialog to hopefully help resolve some issues certain users are experiencing with media-upload.js


  • Changed the name of the plugin from “Picasa Express x2” to “Picasa and Google Plus Express”:
    • As Google migrates to Google+ from Picasaweb, so is/will this plugin
    • Renamed the plugin to hopefully help indicate that and assist with plugin searches
    • Plugin URL / SVN name that WordPress uses to update the plugin will remain unchanged so that plugin updates can continue to occur from older versions
  • Removed the requirement of for PhotoSwipe:
    • PhotoSwipe appears to work properly without
    • was causing many other issues with themes not designed for it
  • Removed the reference to the 3rd parameter of “round()”:
    • The 3rd parameter of round() was introduced in PHP 5.3, so users of previous versions were getting a warning.
    • If PHP version is detected previous to 5.3, it will not call round with the 3rd parameter. This may cause some rounding errors, but will not prevent it from working.


Phototile last row will now properly select a row template so the template
number of images matches the number of images remaining, therefore preventing
the last row of a phototile gallery from being incomplete.


  • Phototile support for the image gallery
    • Google+ style phototile image gallery option
    • Thumbnail sizes are generated dynamically based on phototile layout
    • Set the width of the phototile container and the phototile layout sizes to match
  • Bugfix for mobile device detection to enable mobile interface for “Touch” Windows 8 devices
  • Bugfix to move the is_mobile_device function into the class to prevent conflicts caused by the include


  • Mobile-friendly gallery option added:
    • The link option of PhotoSwipe, an open-source
      mobile-friendly image gallery.
    • This is now the default image link option as it provides superior performance in both desktop and mobile clients.
    • Added some additional options that display if PhotoSwipe is selected to configure the caption format.
  • Some additional improvements to the preferences to clean things up and hide options that aren’t necessary based on other option settings.
  • RSS parsing option has been added to enable parsing the RSS to remove the caption entry for records where Google sends the caption as the image filename when the caption itself is blank.
  • Some bug-fixes related to caption width and non-width-based thumbnail scaling.


  • A small release to improve messaging for the Google username check and to
    clean up a few additional bugs

    • Messaging when checking the username’s validity is now improved
    • The FAQ now includes an entry speaking to the old picasaweb “short username” that Google appears to have removed support for
    • Some shortcode attributes for gallery shortcodes were previously not being sent if changed in the dialog options. Corrected this and the back-end processing to handle them.
    • Some internal code cleanup and addition of some shared code to remove duplicate code.


  • A small release to add additional style control for captions.
    • Added the ability to set classes & styles for the P tag that contains the caption text


  • A small release to add additional style control for captions.
    • Added the ability to set classes & styles for the A tag that wraps the img tag
    • Added the ability to set classes & styles on the caption container if captions are enabled for display
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the width from being set for single-image captions, therefore preventing the caption from appearing at all


  • A bugfix and feature addition update.
    • Fixed bug related to PHP short_open_tag use
    • Fixed bug related to image insertion in order
    • Added option to return HTML rather than pe2-image shortcode


A bugfix release to correct bugs with the options page and requesting auth
tokens from an SSL-based site.


A small bugfix release to correct a fatal error when gathering the transport
for user-based access levels.


  • A major change release that adds a lot of new functionality:
    • Fixed a bug introduced by Google+ that was preventing private albums access
    • Added video support – video thumbnail images have a “video play button overlay”, and the link opens in a new tab for viewing on Google+
    • Added filtering albums with tags
    • Added built-in customized thickbox option
    • Added single-image shortcode
    • Single-image insert method now allows selecting multiple images to insert together


Picasa change URL for origin image so /s0


  • WordPress 3.3 fixes
  • Gallery shortcode:
    • class, style and align for gallery
    • img_class,img_style and img_align for images inside gallery
      ( align can be none, left, right or center )
    • img_sort for sort images ( possible values: none, date, title, file or random )
    • img_asc=1 for ascending sort otherwise will be descending sort
    • caption=1 for use image description as image caption
    • use_title=1 for use description as image title
    • tag for enveloping tag ( div by default )
    • thumb_w and thumb_h for thumnails size and thumb_crop=1 if you need to crop thumbnail to square
    • large_size for limit opened image
    • link for enveloping link (possible values: none, direct, picasa, thickbox, lightbox or highslide )
    • limit to limit number of images displayed
    • hide_rest=1 include images over limit but with display:none. It’s for gallery script which show all images including hidden.


WordPress 3.2 fixes


  • Save last state
  • Can limit the big size of images
  • Revoke access to private albums from settings

  • avoid some warnings for PHP4

  • Add error handling in several cases
  • remove SSL verification ( some hosts report the problem with ssl verification – thanks to streetdaddy)
  • increase timeout for connection with Google Picasa
  • add Picasa username test in settings
  • Envelop html special chars in titles


  • Some code was re-factored to be more extensible
  • Warning for non standard image library. Help and links.
  • Donate banner and “power by” link in the footer (of course you can disable link and banner in the settings)
  • New smart size for thumbnails
  • Options on fly
  • Insert Picasa album by shortcode


  • Define roles which capable to use the plugin
  • Switch from blog to user level for store Picasa user and private access token
  • WordPress MU support – sitewide activation, users, roles


  • Finally make compatible with old PHP versions
  • Access to private albums via granting on Google page. See FAQ for more details
  • Reload button in dialog to retreive last changes


  • Remove STATIC – should work with old PHP version. Optimize hooks and setting. Keep settings after deactivation.
  • Change Picasa request method. Remove WP cache – changes displayed immediatelly.
  • Add sorting ( date, title and file name , asc and desc ) for images in the dialog in settings. Without sorting should be displayed as in PicasaWeb.
  • Add ordering for images in gallery ( by clicking )
  • Add Highslide support


  • First public release

Author: thhake

Plugin Folder: photo-express-for-google

Tags: google, googleplus, oauth, picasaweb

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